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April 2020 Challenge
My one-a-day challenge to create a small fiber artwork for the month of April now has an added challenge-Help me raise funds for Beacon Homeless Day Resource Center in Madison,WI
Each artwork is now available for purchase. 50% of all proceeds
(minus shipping and handling fees) will go directly to this outstanding organization.
The Beacon provides a day-time place for a meal, laundry service, showers, computer access, support and more. You can find out more about the Beacon at:
If you would like to make a purchase and help support PEOPLE, our most valuable resource in this difficult time and always, please contact me through the contact page on my website:
All fiber artworks created to date are on my website by title and date.
Look under Portfolio- April Challenge. Each work is one of a kind.
This fundraising challenge will continue until May 1,2020.

In April 2020 I am challenging myself to create one Small fiber artwork each day this month to celebrate SPRING, NEW GROWTH and the FUTURE.
No April fooling! A little crazy yes! But so much fun! To begin: I have started some of my garden seeds indoors. So in my ongoing theme of recycling and re-purposing materials,in this series, I am using my garden seed packets, candy wrappers and other"found goodies" as a focal point. Each piece is collaged with fabric, layered with other paper items, objects, tulle and energetically machine stitched. I think it might be helpful for all of us to start thinking about SPRING, new growth, and FUTURE as we pull through our current challenges together.