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Much of my work is influenced by nature. I am entranced by the shadows of leaves, twigs and branches. Their gentle curves and silhouettes creep subtlety and overtly into my work. This body of work uses sun-printing to re-create natural images of leaves and other silhouettes. With darkroom techniques, direct sunlight, real leaves and natural objects I cast shadows on the fabric. The result is permanent, unique fabrics. The entire surface is then layered, and machine stitched.

Art Quilt
55" x 32"
Sol Play
59" x 48"
Oak Dreams
Fiber: Contemporary Art Quilt
34" x 30"
Leaf Dreams
Fiber: Contemporary Art Quilt
51" x 51"
Autumn Melody
Fiber: Contemporary Art Quilt
44" x 47"
Fiber: Sun-Printed Contemporary Art Quilt
Fiber: Contemporary Art Quilt
17" x 47"