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After 2 years of postponement, I was very pleased to share:
Lost, Found, and Stitched
Art Quilts, Fiber Art, Installations
Solo Exhibition Pat Kroth
Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, Cedarburg, WI
May 5-July 24,2022
-a lively meditation on the connections between recycling,
re-purposing, and art making

Fiber Art with Recycled Materials
The exhibition included on site-installations, colorful stitched fiber works that incorporate plastic packing materials, candy wrappers, clothing and other cast-off transformations. Much of the inspiration for my work is drawn from nature. My love and care for the environment has led me to explore the use and lifecycle of plastic and other materials in our daily lives. Since this exhibition was pandemic-delayed for 2 years, I have been stockpiling the plethora of packaging materials that have crossed my path over the last few years. In a playful manner, in this body of work I focused on the beauty in the imperfect and mused about the serious concerns for our future world and planet.
Watch for future works inspired and fueled by re-purposed materials.

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Garden Confection 88" x 51"
Contemporary Art Quilt: Hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, candy wrappers, found objects, Tulle overlays. Machine stitched.

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Artist Statement
I work and play with fiber every day. I paint with fabric and thread. Art-making is my choice and my passion. Happy accidents occur during the making of art. I hope to convey and share that childlike sense of discovery, wonder and joy with those who encounter my work. Music, nature and or personal experiences often provide the inspiration for my work… Cool jazz on a stormy winter night or perhaps a run or bicycle ride on a hot windy day, a cool swim,
family, friends, a good book, a vivid lightning storm- Any of these can become the catalyst for a new series of explorations.

The process of “making”, handling and manipulation of materials, is an important element of my work. As an artist, I have worked in a variety of media: painting, printmaking and photography. I was reintroduced to fiber through quilt making. Through hand-painting, dyeing, over-dyeing, and other surface design techniques I transform cloth.

All works are original one of kind, hand-crafted artworks made and signed by the artist. No reproductions are currently available. Unframed art quilts are easily installed to the wall with nails or hooks. The aluminum bars which are provided with each artwork are concealed behind the work when properly installed.

Art Quilt Prices range from $125-$6,500. Sizes range from 9"x9"-60"x80"- larger. Hand-dyed Sun-printed Silks scarves- Shawls $45-$250