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Fragment Series
The “blurred”, soft, tactile qualities of fiber, fabric and thread can often become the vehicle for a more dramatic statement. The “fragment series” is a group of quilts that incorporate recognizable geometric shapes, as well as playful abstract experiments in color and texture. Much of my work involves the use of tiny fiber fragments, found objects, recycled materials and cast-offs, (remnants and discarded objects) bits of fabric, candy wrappers, fortune cookie fortunes, and safety pins. I enjoy the playful juxtaposition of hard metallic objects such as jewelry, paperclips, coins and hardware against the softer more luxurious nature of velvet, cotton and silk, satin and lace. I collect and incorporate items with interesting texture, color, or personal significance. Often I think of my work as a depository for the flotsam and jetsam of life. I enjoy the multiplicity and ambiguity of meanings, in my work, which invite the viewer to look further than just the riotous surface of things.