Portfolio > Lost, Found and Stitched- Solo Show WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, Cedarburg, WI May 5 -July 24, 2022

Global Coverage: The World Tarp    detail
Global Coverage: The World Tarp
Fiber: Contemporary Art Quilt

Global Coverage: The World Tarp Detail
Contemporary Art Quilt 14'x15'
Plastic Packaging including: colored bags from bread , potting soil,
milk, frozen peas, cookies and more. Some bags were stuffed with fabric selvedges or threads. Bags were seamed together, pieced in sections then layered and quilted. The back is composed primarily of stitched plastic garden mulch bags.

Our efforts to recycle are challenged by the call to reduce. My work is often inspired by nature. So that includes the challenges that our planet and galaxy face. I am intrigued when I walk in the woods and find tree branches ensconced in blown away plastic drop-cloths, or plants poking through a maze of beer cans.