Portfolio > Lost, Found and Stitched- Solo Show WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, Cedarburg, WI May 5 -July 24, 2022

Global Coverage: The World Tarp  detail
Global coverage: The World Tarp detail
Fiber: Contemporary Art Quilt
14' x 15'

Global Coverage: The World Tarp detail
Contemporary Art Quilt 14'x15'
Plastic food bags: potting soil, milk, frozen vegetable, bread and candy bags and more machine pieced, layered and quilted. The back layer is composed of plastic bark mulch and top soil bags. 3 key Pandemic activities are playfully reflected in this artwork: Gardening, baking and sewing!

Global Coverage: The World Tarp detail 14'x 15'
The proliferation of plastic packaging, micro-fibers, micro-plastics in our environment, and even within our own bodies has become a hot topic in news. Solutions are slowly evolving. Meanwhile the flora and fauna of our planet struggle, and we adapt.