Portfolio > Lost, Found and Stitched- Solo Show WI Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts, Cedarburg, WI May 5 -July 24, 2022

Dangerous Passage- Installation with plastic packaging materials
Dangerous Passage

Dangerous Passage- Installation created on-site with Re-cycled Plastic Materials: water bottles, berry boxes, yogurt lids, 6-pack rings etc! Visitors pass through this installation to enter to museum gallery.

The materials for this installation were acquired during the Covid “Lost years”. Since this exhibit was postponed twice, the proliferation of plastic packaging grew. My studio and storage areas became like a “clown car” with items bursting forth as a door opened. What will happen to all the plastic that we create, use, recycle and discard? These materials pass from one place to another in trucks, boxcars and cargo holds. What are the costs of that passage and ours?