Blue Red Tootsie Candy Flower
April 30th, 2020
Fiber Art
8" x 10" framed
Hand-dyed and commercial fabrics, paper candy wrappers,
tulle, buttons, Collaged and Machine stitched

Today would be my mom’s 92nd birthday. She was a lively, creative soul, worked, raised four kids and liked to “clown around” as “Biz” in her spare time. I feel very blest to have parents who were not only full of positive energy,loved a good laugh, and were good pranksters, but encouraged us to use our imaginations as well. They were depression era kids,and somehow had learned to live large with less. I wonder what they would think of our challenges right now. I channel them often right now, to help me put things in perspective and keep a smile on my face.
Thanks to everyone for your kind comments and support during my crazy Month-long April Challenge.It has been fun! You can help out with this fundraiser for the Beacon Homeless Resource Center in Madison WI. 50% of the proceeds from each purchase though May 1,2020 will be donated.
Every small art quilt in this April Challenge is available for purchase. (unless noted)
Go to the contact page on this website and send me a message if you are interested.
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